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How to Create a Forum in WordPress

Those who create a forum website typically aim to build online communities of like-minded people. Think of forum participation as a classroom discussion where students debate a topic, and the teacher steps in to provide insights, guidance, or corrections. Forums act as social media sites but are also useful for business and creative applications. What is a forum? In short, an internet forum is a message board where users share information and opinions about a certain topic (usually rela…
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How to track iframes with Google tag manager.

Iframe is a method to embed other websites inside a website, that is not used any more when we build websites. But what if we need to implement an iframe on our website and we also need to collect data from this iframe to the google analytics of the main site? Well, there is a way even if it is a little bit tricky. Let’s see the steps. First of all, we must have access to the backend code of the iframe website.Then we put the following code to the head of iframe website. <script> …
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What Is E-Commerce Web Development?

If you run an online selling business, you may already know that are few things more important to your business transactions than effective e-commerce web development. But for those just starting out, it can be important for them to know how it could benefit their business.As you may already know, web development is the writing and coding process that goes into the building and customisation of websites. This process is what ultimately will turn your business vision into an online reality, but i…
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Do you need a well developed e-commerce site for your business?

E-commerce is the future , during the crisis of COVID 19 appeared to be a promising pillar in the fight against COVID 19 as it helped reduce the rate of infection by offering online delivery of commodities and services. Moreover e-commerce helped economies preserve jobs during the crisis. Online businesses managed to stay afloat . Many companies changed the nature of their businesses and were successful in creating new jobs as consumers shifted towards online offerings. The Boom Of D2C Com…
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Google will change its storage policies for free accounts.

June 1, 2021, all of your new photos will count against your free Google storage , Basically, if you’re on a free account and a semi-regular Google Photos user, get ready to pay up next year and subscribe to Google One. Currently, every free Google Account comes with 15 GB of online storage For all your Gmail, Drive and Photos needs. Email and the files you store in Drive already counted against those 15 GB, but come June 1, all Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms or Jamboard f…
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